ICI Task Force #1: Inclusive Education, Training and Programming

ICI Inclusive Education, Training and Programming Task Force

What We Are Doing:

During our ICI “Inclusive Education, Training and Programming” Task Force monthly meetings, the team has turned their attention toward student demands and on-going student concerns at Michigan State University (MSU) that fall within the category of “Inclusive Education, Training and Programming.” Our discussions center on how to strategize around campus-wide resources by:

1. Increasing and centralizing communications.
2. Following up on progress.
3. Identifying the need for additional resources.
4. Offering guidance, advice and advocacy. 

Purpose statement: Sharing and supporting on-going educational programming and training efforts that impact the culture of Michigan State University.

On-going Discussions and Projects:

1. Hate Has No Home Here campaign ongoing updates

2. Revitalization of OCAT, its programming and Intercultural Aide program

3. Anti-Discrimination Policy (ADP) (ADP manual)

4. Overhaul DEI training (i.e., Anti-racist lens, Antisemitism and Islamophobia)

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