Council of Progressive Students

Alliance for Queer and Allied Students (Alliance)
Arab Cultural Society (ACS)
Campus Interfaith Council (CIC)
Council for Students with Disabilities (CSD)
International Student Association (ISA)
Jewish Student Union (JSU)
Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Student Veterans of America (SVA)`
Women’s Council 


Council of Radical & Ethnic Students (CORES) Council of Progressive Students (COPS)

The CORES/COPS Coalition is currently inactive.

CORES and COPS Coalition is utilizing the 2023-2024 academic school year to rebuild their foundation and redefine their purpose.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ CORES/COPS Statement from August 28th, 2023

CORES/COPS Coalition Mission and History

Aim to represent minority concerns for and from the MSU community. 

The history of collaboration began in 1990 when APASO formed a coalition with: the Black Student Alliance (BSA), the Coalition of Hispanic Students for Progressive Action (CHISPA)**, and the North American Indian Student Organization (NAISO) to establish the Council for Racial Ethnic Students (CORES).

  • As a united front, these four groups lobbied for “secured funding” from the university, successfully negotiating funds and splitting them up between the four communities

  1. Established in 2013, the Councils of CORES/COPS work to promote social and cultural understanding for individuals on our campus
  2. Increase exposure of cultural events & initiatives e.g. Spartan Remix 
  3. Create cross-cultural collaborative events 
  4. Advocate for social reforms e.g. creating consistent, sustainable cultural sensitivity training for staff on campus 
  5. Work with the faculty, staff, and administration to address concerns 
  6. Fostering unity and embracing diversity 

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