Green Table

What is OCAT’s Green Table?

OCAT’s GREEN TABLE: Real Discussion. Real Students. is inspired by Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk that “tackle[s] current social and cultural issues with an inter-generational perspective.” Similarly, OCAT’s Green Table is a space where MSU students can engage in topics that matter to them. Join us to listen and learn from campus leaders who share their point of view on what is happening around the world and how it is impacting their lives, their organizations, and communities.

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OCAT’s Green Table Video Archive

Green Table #1

Green Table #2 “Your Struggle Is My Struggle?”

Green Table #3 “Building Solidarity Through Heritage While Navigating The College Experience”

Green Table #4 “Why Vote?”

Green Table #6 “We Are APIDA”


Topic: Financial Empowerment with MSUFCU

OCAT’s Green Table Archive

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