Restructuring the “Diversity & Inclusion” link on MSU’s website


How can we strategize ways to create more effective communications about DEI efforts campuswide through the restructuring of how MSU’s website highlights diversity?

Rather than directly linking the IDI from the MSU’s homepage “diversity” link, we are proposing the creation of an introductory DEI page that includes a message from President Stanley and Jabbar Bennet that would then link to the multitude of DEI efforts across campus. 1.) This restructuring would provide more equitable representation for the vast amount of DEI efforts at MSU. 2.) MSU can celebrate the multitude of DEI efforts that sends an inclusive message that DEI is everyone’s responsibility, that we can do this together. 3.) There is a lack of representation for APIDA, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, persons with disabilities and Latinx communities on the website. For persons who are part of these communities, this lack of representation does not create a sense of belonging.


Example of how this page could be structured.

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