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What is CORES?

The Council of Racial and Ethnic Students or C.O.R.E.S is comprised of four cultural communities at Michigan State University: Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO), Black Students’ Alliance (BSA), Culturas de las Razas Unidas (CRU), and North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO). CORES student leaders serve as advocates for their members by staying abreast of issues that impact their respective community, and by working with University faculty, staff, and administration in addressing concerns.

Through intentional programming centered on diversity, equity and inclusion, CORES organizations (along with their affiliated student organizations) have been vital to Michigan State University for decades! Some of their programming initiatives include: 37th Annual Pow Wow of Love, Native American Heritage Month, Cultural Vogue/Lunar New Year, APA Heritage Month, Night Market, Brown Pride, 47th Annual Black Power Rally, Black History Month, the African American Celebratory, Latin Xplosion, 28th Annual Dia de la Mujer Conference, Hispanic Heritage Month, and much more! Each year, students from the CORES groups along with a diverse group of students unite in putting together MSU’s largest multicultural welcome festival,  Spartan Remix

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How does OCAT support CORES?

Providing support for our student leadership is one of OCAT’s top priorities. This support takes shape in many ways including serving as advisors for the CORES student organizations. These advisors include Anna Lin for Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO), Jason Worley for Black Student Alliance (BSA), Juan Flores for Culturas de las Razas Unidas (CRU), and Grant Gliniecki for North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO).

CORES advisors are actively involved with all CORES eboards helping to guide them through effective program planning for their many cultural events, managing the funding process and funding support for CORES affiliate organizations, and navigating the challenges student leaders face when managing teams. Critical to the success of a CORES leadership is the leadership support of the CORES advisors that are there every step of the way from the beginning retreats to the ending graduation celebrations.

Learn more about the history of CORES and OCAT


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