DDLM Conference Updates!

The Día de la Mujer (DDLM) conference, coordinated by the Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions (OCAT) and sponsored by C.R.U. and other MSU departments, is an event that has become a source of education and development for the many hundreds of people it attracts each year. DDLM provides an environment where networking connections are made for employment and educational opportunities for Michigan Latina empowerment.

In the twenty five years of DDLM history, a great number of issues and concerns have been addressed through keynote presenters, forums and workshops facilitated by Latina experts on education, health, politics, community, family, history, culture, professional, and personal development areas. DDLM is the only conference of its kind in the state of Michigan and serves as the premiere leader in enhancing the Latino community to reach new levels of success. DDLM is organized by a planning committee consisting of MSU students, MSU Faculty, MSU Staff, and community members from across the state.

Held at Kellogg Center of Michigan State University in the spring semester annually, DDLM offers close to 30 workshops and many exhibit tables for agencies in the community to display their materials and services. 

If you would like more information regarding: The Planning Committee, Offering a Workshop, Donations, Group Rates, Purchasing a booth for your organization, etc. contact Juan Flores, DDLM Coordinator at floresj2@msu.edu.


Why Should you Volunteer?

Volunteers get FREE conference admission, get to be part of the biggest Latina/x-focused conference in the Midwest, get to give something back to an organization that has positive impact on a person’s life, either directly or indirectly, will feel valued and part of a team, will further develop existing skills and knowledge, can enhance your resume, will meet new people and make new friends.

To sign up or get more information contact: DDLM at cortezr1@msu.edu


CALLING ALL LATINA/X ARTISTS! Deadline is February 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM

The 27th annual Día de la Mujer conference committee is looking for Latina/x Artists to submit artwork to represent this year’s theme. Chosen artwork will be recognized on all conference material and social media. Create a piece that speaks to women everywhere. One that empowers and inspires women to become the best version of themselves. One that demonstrates their struggle and the constant battle that engulfs it. One that shows them standing up against the shadows of life and winning. The artwork must also show that it has been influenced and inspired by Hispanic/Latin/o/a/x Culture.


A high resolution image must be submitted. CLICK HERE to submit your Artwork:If is selected you must submit your original art piece and grant all rights to the committee. Art Size requirement is 12″ (in) by 16″ (in) minimum canvas. Smaller pieces will not be considered. GRAND PRIZE: $300 Art Size is 12X16 minimum canvas

2020 POSTER (Saturday, April 4, 2020

(Past DDLM posters)

  ddlm 2015

Flyer-2014 DDLM Final Flyer ddlma

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