CORES & COPS Funding Information

CORES funding is housed in OCAT and managed through a checks and balance system among the CORES Treasurers, CORES Advisors, OCAT’s Budget Manager and the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Services. All funding expenditures strictly follow MSU’s Manual of Business Procedures.

As the umbrella group for many affiliated organizations, CORES groups allocate a portion of their budget to support their affiliates and other groups involved in planning collaborative events that support their communities.

CORES groups can also request funding through the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) Student Allocations Board. For more information on this process, visit CORES & COPS Funding.

Residence Halls Association (RHA) also provides funding opportunities for CORES groups. Visit RHA Funding Opportunities.

Important Forms

Program Planning Worksheet (PPW)

(Download PPW to type directly in document)


In order to process a check to a vendor (i.e. business and/or individual), a W-9 must be completed.

Once funding has been approved and confirmed by a CORES advisor, contact your CORES advisor to help with the processing of funds. Diane Hernandez-Wojda ( is OCAT’s budget manager who will assist in this process.

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