CORES Retreats

Each year, OCAT coordinates a retreat for our CORES student leaders as an opportunity for newly elected eboard members to begin their leadership with a strong foundation in helping them understand how to succeed as a student leader. Some of the topics covered center on helping student leaders manage a team, develop collaborations, create quality programming, understand MSU’s funding process, and build coalitions among diverse communities. These retreats have a history of creating a positive environment where student leaders who may not be familiar with one another at the start of the retreat, leave with stronger bonds and new friendships. Quality collaborative programming among the CORES and COPS groups have often been started at these retreats.

Over the years, this retreat has evolved to include members of the Council of Progressive Students (COPS) organizations where OCAT staff has worked in collaboration with COPS advisors to plan the retreat.

The retreat has taken place during the spring, summer, and fall and primarily is held off-campus at Kellogg Biological Station located in Hickory Corners, Michigan.


CORES Cultural Trip to Detroit, MI

One of our most exciting memories was the February 2013 CORES Cultural Trip to Detroit where we visited the Charles H. Wright’s Museum of African American History. The American Indian Health Services, a tour of Southwest Detroit and visited the Vincent Chin Mural.

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