What is this?

The Inclusive Campus Initiative (ICI) Task Forces are comprised of staff from Michigan State University’s Division of Student Life & Engagement along with campus partners and meet monthly to support the work of the ICI.

During our monthly meetings, each of the four task forces focus on a set of prioritized student demands and ongoing concerns that impact student success. These task forces include 1) Inclusive Education, Training and Programming 2) Inclusive Physical Environment 3) Inclusive Policies and Procedures 4) Inclusive Representation and Retention

The ICI Task Forces support students through:

1. Increasing and centralizing communications.
2. Following up on progress.
3. Identifying the need for additional resources.
4. Offering guidance, advice and advocacy. 

ICI Task Force Members

(Photos forthcoming for additional ICI Task Force members: Virginia Rutan, Tina Alonzo, Anjam Chaudhary and Ashley Latinen)



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