Rochisshil (Rochi) Varma (he/him/his)

HOMETOWN: Kolkata, India
MAJOR: Applied Engineering Sciences with
a concentration in Supply Chain Management
MINORS: Business; Entrepreneurship & Innovation
CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Vice President of International Students Association (ISA) Undergraduate International Indian Student Association (UIISA) and Vice President Chair for Society of Applied Engineering Sciences (SAES)


“As dedicated as MSU and its Spartan leader community is, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Two major things that I see as an issue that should be looked at are:

1. RSOs and their diversity ratio: Except for cultural orgs, I believe all professional and academic orgs should have a diversity index that they should update the MSU community with. This will help keep a track of our DEI progress on the ground level.
2. Representation: The university should take extra steps to represent
its marginalized communities. It should try to look at the representation via numbers to ensure communities with a lower population also get access to the same resources as others.”

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