ICI Student Advisory Committee

What is the ICI Student Advisory Committee?

Creating leadership opportunities that center student voices is key to the success of the Inclusive Campus Initiative (ICI). When the ICI Student Advisory Committee was created, students who had been actively involved in the ICI in various capacities were invited to serve on this committee. As the ICI continues to evolve, participation in this committee is a combination of invitation and is also open to any student interested in advocacy work. We look forward to working in partnership with our students leaders toward creating a more inclusive campus at MSU. 

What do they do?

  • Serve as a liaison between marginalized communities and the ICI.
  • Facilitate an awareness of the issues to staff, faculty and senior administration.
  • Assist in problem-solving issues that lead toward solutions.
  • Build community among a diversity of student leaders.

Who are the 2023-24 students?


ICI Student Advisory Committee 2022-23

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