Aide testimonials

What are Intercultural Aides saying about this life-changing experience?
“I am a Junior and also a second year Aide and it has been the most AMAZING, FULFILLING experience yet. If you want to be a RESOURCE, a LEADER, and a FRIEND among other things on campus you should def apply to become an Aide. You will learn and grow so much as a person and at the same time you will be helping those in need to transition and guide them towards the right way in being successful at MSU. You will be expose to people from all walks of life. Honestly is an experience like no other. TAKE THE CHALLENGE, BECOME AN AIDE!!! Ocat fam 4 life.”
– Mimi Martinez (Aide Program ’10- present)

“This is my first year as an Intercultural Aide and it has been the most worthwhile experience of my college career. I’ve learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time. It’s only November, and I can already see how much I’ve grown. As an Aide, you will be face with challenges that will further enhance your skills – time management, leadership, interpersonal communication, and listening skills. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable when you’re meeting new people and serving as a resource to the residents. You’ll meet a lot of great people and the Aide family mentality is wonderful! I love what I do!”
– Victoria (Tori) Johnson (Aide Program ’11 – present)

“So far as an Aide I have come to find out a lot about myself. I have grown mentally from the experiences I’ve had with the amazing people I’ve met thus far. As a leader in my community, I have gained a greater sense of the world and a need to give back. I am proud to say I am gaining the opportunity of a lifetime, to see multiple perspectives on life and embark knowledge on others. I have learned how to think more concisely. With all of the activism on campus, I definitely feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am becoming my own person and taking a stand on my beliefs. I cant express the enjoyment I have when Im around my Aide family, and trust me, this is a full functioning family!! If you want to grow as a student, experience new things, meet wonderful people, and be actively involved on campus BECOME AN INTERCULTURAL AIDE!!!!.”
– Arielle Thompson (Aide Program ’11 – present)

“This is my second year as an Intercultural Aide and these two years in the position has been life-changing and phenomenal. This position has exposed me to different people, cultures, and ideas and during my growth I have been able to help other residents transition academically, culturally, and socially to Michigan State University. I have been able to connect with the most amazing people who I will call friends after I leave State. The Intercultural Aides are family and we have each others back. This position has transformed my Spartan experience from an average one to a superb one.This job is amazing and if you are ready to grow as a person, help residents grow as well, and become a leader on campus, i encourage you to apply. This position will change your life! Best of Luck Potential Applicants!”
– Devin Evans (Aide Program ’10 – present)

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