Inclusive Community Support Team

What is this?

The Inclusive Community Support Team (ICST), managed through the Inclusive Campus Initiative (ICI), is a team dedicated to supporting our historically marginalized communities with needs related to inclusion, safety and belonging. The ICI is sponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Life & Engagement (SLE).

What does the “Inclusive Community Support Team” offer:

  1. Proactive Advocacy For Students
  2. Students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, faculty, administration, any MSU employee and Greater Lansing area community members can “activate” this team for support and advocacy needs.
  3. What are some examples of why someone would activate this team? 
    • Need support for an idea to help further inclusion safety and belonging at MSU
    • Struggling with a barrier causing you to not feel included, safe or may be impacting your sense of belonging at MSU
    • Navigating global challenges
    • Implement a mental health awareness campaign
    • Thinking through an inclusive educational plan using social media
  4. Read below to understand the process for support.


  1. Contact Meaghan Kozar, Ph.D., ICI project manager, or phone 517-449-9148.


  1. DISCUSS: Meet with Meaghan Kozar, Ph.D., ICI project manager.
  2. DETERMINE: What resources are needed? Who should be informed? Who needs to be involved?
  3. DEVELOP: short-term action items, long-term action items, communication methods, schedule follow-ups


  1. The ICI has an extensive inclusive campus ecosystem comprised of students, staff, faculty and administration that can assist in helping navigating challenges or identifying solutions.
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