Skye Flores

Skye Flores (she/her/hers)
ICI Practicum Graduate Student Spring 2022

Hey there Spartans! My name is Skye Flores and I am a first year graduate student in the Student Affairs and Administration Masters program here at MSU. I identify as a Latinx/Chicana woman and was born and raised in California. I completed my undergraduate degree in Anthropology at Sonoma State University located in Rohnert Park, California, and was introduced to student leadership during my time there. My interest in attending MSU and venture into the Midwest lie in attending the SAA program here and pursuing a career in the field of student affairs. My graduate assistantship is as an assistant community director (ACD) in Holden Hall in South neighborhood, so if you see me around please don’t hesitate to say hello! Hobbies of mine include music, embroidery, cooking, learning random facts, and hanging out with my ESA Khaleesi (she’s a cat). I’m looking forward to contributing to the projects occurring at the Inclusive Campus Initiative office, and helping address student concerns and demands around DEI.

What are you studying at MSU? What are your areas of interest?
I am a student in the Student Affairs and Administration masters program here at MSU. I am studying to be a professional in the realm of higher education outside the classroom and rooted in student support/services. I have an interest in beginning my career in the realm of housing, but see myself eventually moving into a more permanent campus position in a Women’s center, DEI office, or a non-live in position in housing and residential education,

Share some moments of pride you have experienced along your MSU journey?
So far, I have taken a lot of pride in my contribution to the leadership team within Holden hall and offering support to my RA team. I have been able to build some phenomenal connections to the student leaders in my building, and have enjoyed watching them grow as leaders, students, and young adults.

Share any challenges you have had as an MSU graduate student. What have you learned?
A definite challenge I have faced since moving to Michigan is finding a sense of community on a cultural level. Being a Latinx student with Mexican heritage, it has been hard finding familiarity amongst people, foods, and representation on campus. I have fortunately been able to connect to other Latinx students in my program and via the graduate student group Rueda Latin@ in HALE. I would like to see more opportunities for Latinx students to connect on campus, and more resources available to them. Another challenge has been adjusting to the workload and life style of a grad student! I’ve never been challenged with working a part-time job, full course load, and 10 hour practicum all at once so time management and prioritizing tasks has been an adventure for me. I also have been learning how to prioritize my mental health so far at MSU, and create balance between time for things I enjoy, course work, and job tasks.

What will you be doing in your role as an ICI practicum student?
In my practicum experience with ICI, I have been assigned to assist with several projects that are in the works including a position on the policy reform task force, and the MSU history of activism team. I also will be assisting coordinator Meaghan Kozar with additional tasks such as scheduling meetings and analyzing documents/materials given to the ICI team, as well as meeting with students during OCAT open office hours on Fridays.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 years is very far ahead, but I do hope to be working at an institution somewhere on the East Coast in housing, and contributing to any DEI or social justice projects occurring on my institution of employment!!

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