Reflection Rooms

Definition: Reflection Rooms provide residents with a quiet space for reflection, contemplation, mindfulness, meditation or prayer. These spaces are to be used for individual reflection and not to be used for studying, sleeping or scheduled events.


  • MSU has 7 reflection rooms and 6 that are active.
  • Locations include: Butterfield Hall, Owen Hall (room C-1), Holmes Hall (room W23), Law Library (room 412A), Anthony Hall (room 1277), Wells Hall (room B284), Case Hall (room 347- temporarily closed).
  • Reflection Rooms are communicated through various departmental website and student handbooks.
  • The rooms located in the Residence Halls (Butterfield, Owen, Case & Holmes) are maintained and overseen by REHS Facilities.  Locations in Admin & Academic buildings (Law, Anthony, Wells) are maintained by IPF.

On-going Task Force Questions:

  • How do we increase communications about reflection room spaces campus-wide?
  • How do we increase signage?
  • Is there a map that includes all of MSU’s reflection rooms?
  • How can we utilize identity and affinity groups such as the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES) and the Council of Progressive Students (COPS) to share this resource?


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