Dreux Baker

Dreux Baker (he/him/his)
Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Residence Education and Housing Services

Dreux Baker currently serves as the Assistant Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Residence Education and Housing Services. Dreux helps to co-lead REHS’s anti-racist/anti-oppression agenda in its aspirations of becoming an anti-racist, multicultural department. As an integral member of the REHS DEI Unit team, Dreux fosters collaborative relationships with minoritized student groups and student leaders, develop DEI educational resources and training opportunities for REHS staff members and students, assist with bias incident follow ups/care-informed management strategies and practices, and actively support efforts and initiatives to advance DEI in the residence halls and university apartments.

Dreux has a wealth of DEI and leadership experiences starting as an undergraduate student where worked as an Intercultural Aide through the Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions and as a Student Leader in the Multiracial Unity Living Experience Program. From there, he continued the work professionally where, before joining REHS, he was a supervisor for the MRULE/ICA Program at the Mosaic Multicultural Unity Center at MSU. Alongside students, Dreux has worked to help all students find a sense of belonging at the university through several initiatives such as peer lead discussions, social events, and service opportunities. Dreux’s work has always been in proximity to students and grounded in the belief that the work we do is best when it is student-centered. This has allowed him to form many meaningful personal and professional relationships with students, work as an advisor for student groups, as well as sit on committees with students. Dreux’s DEI professional expertise and personal experiences are an asset to REHS and the University as we continue to place student voices, experiences and needs at the forefront of our work.

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