Suchitra Webster

Suchitra Webster (she/her/hers)
Director, Student & Community Relations

Suchitra Webster, a Spartan through and through, serves as Director of Student & Community Relations (SCR) at MSU. With undergraduate and graduate degrees from MSU, Webster has over two decades of experience in admissions, academic advising, and communications. Striving to connect dots, appreciate context, and mobilize student development through community are all paramount.

Working through Student Life and Engagement and the Office of Government Relations, Webster is committed to the core elements of SCR: community partnerships, and community living and exploration. From the MSU College Advising Corps which champions access to higher education for first generation college-goers and underrepresented populations to Spartan Ambassadors, who build connections between campus and the surrounding communities, SCR strives to embrace inclusivity at the intersection of town and gown.

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