Marlon Lynch, VP for Public Safety and Chief of Police

Inclusive Campus Initiative Virtual Community Forum 9.27.2021 Guest Marlon C. Lynch

Miscellaneous Student Concerns:

• How do we engage with people who are austistic? Xavier DeGroat, Autism Foundation
• Police and Public Safety Advisory Committee (comprised with at least 50% students). It will be cochaired by 2 students. Monthly meetings with Chief Lynch and leaderships. Opportunity for engagement on a regular basis and provide input. It’s going to be an active committee. Provides direct input from community. Offers interaction to build relationships.
• When was the last time implicit bias training? Last time was 2020. Plan is for continuous training. Utilize resources from within MSU and our experts here to provide ongoing training for police. Utilize the advisory committee to see what types of training would you like to see for our police force. We have begun to tap into the Criminal Justice and School of Social work.
• How will you move forward to build trust with communities that have been negatively impacted by the police? Relationships begin with understanding what has been going on. Reorganizing based on what the needs are presented. Community support and mental health support and victims of relationship violence and sexual misconduct. E.g. 2 internships with social work. From mental health support…how we provide assistance and resources with CAPS and RVSM support.
• We are going to start a strategic plan. Utilizing the advisory committee. Our department is going to rely on campus partners.
• What are some things you have seen at MSU regarding policies and procedures that can be changed since you have been here? Lots of changes since President Stanley. Just this afternoon we met with Dean Williams (DOSO) in regards to behavior interventions and behavior assessment. We are in the process of accreditation that reviews our policies and procedures and takes us through new ones.
• Checks and balances currently in place: Oversight Committee (independent of us) Can receive complaints against members of the department and can review investigations against the members of the department as well.
• Implemented a role for professional accountability. Part of the accreditation process but it’s the audit and inspection component. So once the policy is put in place we have to now we have to show that that what we are adhering to and providing proofs that we are following the policy. The audit is consistently done (not just annual).
• Gun distribution? Our intent is to not just enter residence halls randomly.
• If it’s “not a crime,” what can the MSU Police do to support the situation? Our anti-bias unit will assist campus partners.
• How can the campus support the Police as a “community policing” where we don’t just always call the police?

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