Jabbar Bennett, Ph.D. – VP and Chief Diversity Officer

Inclusive Campus Initiative Virtual Community Forum 9.13.2021 Guest Dr. Jabbar R. Bennett

Miscellaneous Student Concerns:

• Diversify what we mean by safety. Mental safety. Coming in contact with someone who tested positive. Not getting enough support from faculty/staff.
• “You come to class, or you miss a lecture.” You are paying lots of money for ppt presentations that are not being put up on D2L software in a timely manner.
• Antisemitism training is not being included in training.
• COVID guidelines: how are they affecting the in-person. People don’t know until after a couple days if they tested positive. Students not aware they have to contact the COVID-19 hotline. It should be more publicized. We shouldn’t be getting emails a week later. It should be instantly. I waited an hour to talk to one person. We should have more help with COVID-19.
• Spartan Spit test (receiving results sooner)
• Having faculty/staff acknowledge larger issues that students are dealing with..more effort to support students. See if they need an extension.
• Asian girls are afraid they may experience some violence. Having hotlines or non-emergency numbers posted around the school. The numbers exist but a lot of people may not know they exist. Have a more accessible way to know they exist.

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