CORES & COPS MSU 10-Point Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

1. We demand the revitalization of the Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions office, its programming, and the Intercultural Aide program by Fall 2020. 

2. We demand a mandatory general education course for all students on race, ethnicity. racism, and gender be implemented into curriculum by Fall 2020. 

3. We demand cultural, racial and religious sensitivity training for all University faculty, staff, contractors, and police officers as outlined by a student selected group by Fall 2020. 

4. We demand the Black & Minority faculty and staff demographics in each department reflect the current national demographics by December 2021. 

5. We demand that Michigan State University become registered as a sanctuary school. 

6Wdemand the addition of reflection rooms in all campus neighborhoods. 

7. We demand that free standing multicultural building be placed ocampus. 

8. We demand that Michigan State University increase the number of gender inclusive housing options and restrooms on campus by 75% by the start of the Fall 2020 semester 

9. We demand that the flat rate tuition price be dropped to the price of 12 credit hours by the start of the Winter 2020 semester. 

10. We demand that Student Affairs create a designated fund for the Council of Progressive Students (COPS). 

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