Asian Pacific American Leadership Scholarship

The Asian Pacific Student Leadership Endowment Fund was established to support student leadership involvement with the Asian Pacific American community at Michigan State University. Scholarship applications are available here.

Name: Chloe Majzel
Major/Minor: International relations & economics with minors in APA Studies and Chinese
Year: Senior
Expected graduation date: May 2022

First Prize recipient. Chloe is also our first repeat recipient having won a scholarship in 2020.

Name: Kevin Gu Wang
Major: Supply Chain Management
Minor: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, International Business, Chinese Year: Junior
Expected graduation date: December 2022

Second Prize recipient.

Name: Stefani Urlaub
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language
Year: 5th year internship for student teaching
Expected graduation date: Spring 2021 with a year of student teaching

Third Prize recipient.


Chloe Majzel
Nick Baccam
Donna Tran

Quynh Hoang
Vince Nguyen

Katrina-Monica Carulla
James Liu
Anna Lin

Quyen Hoang
Elizabeth Vangyi
Kate Firestone

Emily Liebau
Sarah Vang
Wesley Ma

Brenda Duong
Rachel Huang
Trish Abalo

Widya Adidharma
Ha Anh Le
Simon Dong Ha Lee
William Kang

Resa Tran
Vicky Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen

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