Aide Monthly Programs

Intercultural Aide campus-wide monthly programs…
Every month the Intercultural Aides host campus-wide cultural programming for residents in the MSU neighborhoods that promote cultural awareness, education and understanding. These programs are free and open to the public. To find out specific locations and times, ask your Intercultural Aide in your residence hall or keep checking back to this page.

September Aide Campus-wide Monthly Programs

Holmes Program “Guess Who?” 9.24.12

HOLDEN-WILSON Program “Get Connected” 9.26.12

Brody Program A “Guess That Culture” 9.26.12

Brody Program B “Mirror Mirror” 9.26.12

MASP Program “Cultural Casino Night” 9.26.12

Akers Program “My Roommates Are…” 9.26.12

Hubbard Program “What Would You Do?” 9.26.12

(For other Intercultural Aide programs, please ask your Intercultural Aide…)





Past Intercultural Aide Campus-wide Monthly Programs:
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AIDE programs – Sept 2011