OCAT in the news  (Including articles affiliated with OCAT’s programs and student organizations such as CORES/COPS, etc.):

Recent in the news:

Virtual MAGIC is Success 8.18.2020

‘Equity over equality’: MSU students and alumni march, demanding university represent their community.” 6.15.2020

‘We’re here’: Black women are making a difference on MSU’s campus 2.27.2020

MSU students march in protest of racist display 2.21.2020

Racial hate incident on Michigan State’s campus being investigated 10.21.2019

Older articles:

After 11th annual Spartan Remix, event organizers spotlight campus diversity 9.12.2018

BSA’s Black Power Rally gives space for grievances and solutions 11.6.2017

MSU students collecting cards for hospitalized kids 10.26.2017

Asian-American students tell their stories of prejudice 1.12.2017

BSA hosts 44th annual Black Power Rally 11.13.2016

MSU staff shares how “Homies Giving” developed into Thanksgiving Day Unity Dinner 11.21.2016

Thanksgiving Unity Dinner Welcomes all Nov. 24 11.16.2016

MSU students hold rally at Rock, march to Union 11.11.2016

Students shed light on cultural appropriation and Halloween costumes 10.30.16

A boycott, hunger strike forges Latino Studies program at MSU in 1990s 10.18.2016

CRU hosts town hall calling for support of Latinx community 10.14.2016 

BSA President advocates for black students, voices on campus 10.12.2016

Student groups stand in solidarity, support of Black Lives Matter movement 11.18.2015

Students protest for Michael Brown, Eric Garner by lying down on Grand River Avenue 12.06.14

2014 in review 12.3.14

Black Student Alliance, MSU community gathers to paint the Rock in response to grand jury decision in Ferguson 11.25.14

Spartans Serve 11.10.14

Student groups look to maintain pressure on police as demands are not met 11.02.14

Newcomers to MSU welcomed by hispanic community 9.26.14

Journalist Michele Norris talks race at RCAH 9.16.14

Spartan Remix will celebrate diversity 9.2.14

Connecting with diversity in every corner of MSU 9.2.14

Spartans step up for MSU Global Day of Service 4.13.14

International volunteering group seeks new members 2.23.14

Racial intolerance must be addressed 1.28.14

Be active in promoting understanding 1.28.14

OCAT continues tradition of hosting Thanksgiving dinner for students left on campus 11.28.13

Students participate in community service on Saturday 11.10.13

MSU community gives back with Day of Service activities 8.19.13

Mixed feelings towards RA iPad rental program in first year 5.12.13

Students gather to volunteer in Lansing 2.24.13

Cultural aides help encourage diversity 1.17.13

OCAT hosts anti-discrimination event 11.13.12

MSU OCAT hosts event to alert students to leadership roles, jobs 12.2.12

Reduced admissions much needed change 10.25.12

Assembly at rock on Farm Lane discusses on-campus race issues 10.18.12

‘I’m Not Racist, But’ 10.16.12

Students work for Multicultural Center relocation 10.16.12

Honoring Heritage: American Indian students recognize Indigenous Peoples Day, reflect on cultural, social perceptions 10.7.12

Residents moved to permanent housing 9.17.12

At MSU, fewer hispanics than U.S. average 9.12.12

Spartan Remix brings fun to campus 9.6.12

International students deal with social media racism 7.23.12

First-ever Cultural Remix celebrates diverse communities, cultures 4.15.12

Creating History: February is Black History Month, diversity activism still thriving in local community 2.9.12

APA Adoptee Mentoring Program 1.27.12

Students host Cultural Check Point event in Hubbard Hall (12.1.11)

Students celebrate Native American heritage (11.09.11)

Council of Racial Ethnic Students examines racial climate 11.8.11

Black Power Rally unites, offers support (11.2.11)

Day of Dead focuses on homophobia (11.1.11)

West Circle groups gather to \’smash\’ discrimination (11.1.11)

Black Student Alliance holds heated meeting with MSU administrators (10.28.11)

Black Student Alliance condemns racist incidents at Board of Trustees meeting (10/21/11)

Celebration of Brown Pride links students 10.19.11

North American Indigenous Student Organization protests Columbus Day (10/11/11)

Students march against hate, racism (10/7/11)

Minority student enrollment drops, MSU talks recruitment in other states (10/5/11)

Hundreds gather to speak out against string of racist on-campus incidents (10/4/11)

Seeking refuge (9/30/11)

Night Market introduces student groups (9/26/11)

MSU hosts forum as interest in, presence of China grows on campus (9/13/11)

Outdoor Spartan Remix celebrates diversity in fun, fresh way (9/8/11)

Conference on race to discuss justice system (4/19/11)

Conference highlights Latina achievements (3/21/11)

Sherrod speaks about racism despite troubles (2/17/11)

Powwow brings focus to Native American culture (2/14/11)

US, MSU see increase in multiracial students (2/2/11)

OCAT program, aides demonstrate King\’s philosophy (1/13/11)

Order aims to reduce education gap (10/26/10)

OCAT hosts welcome event (9/14/10)

MSU, U-M groups view to register student voters (9/9/10)

OCAT hosts fashion show for diversity (4/7/10)

Students speak about budget cut concerns (3/30/10)

Campus group hosts 15th annual Latin Xplosion (2/21/10)

MSU must overcome hurtful language (10/11/09)

Spartan remix unites all (9/13/09)

MSU group brings culture to campus (3/1/09)

Proposal 2: A year later (11/15/07)

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