Spartan Remix 2016 recap

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Spartan Remix 2015 recap

Spartan Remix 2015 Recap Video


remix recapvideo

(video by Elishia Johnson)

Spartan Remix 2015 in pictures

spartan remix recap 2015

“Spartan Remix through the Eyes of a Freshman” by Amber Massey

Coming from a predominantly Black school system and entering a predominantly white institution was definitely a big change for me. Of course being able to improve my social development is an important step in college, but all I really felt was worried. I was worried that I wouldn’t be accepted, that I wouldn’t make any new friends, and that I wouldn’t find comfort in my new home for the next four years. I went from being just an average face in a sea of people, to sticking out as the only black girl on my residential floor. I was craving to be around more people that looked like me. It wasn’t until I attended Spartan Remix that I realized how little I had been exposed to diversity. I thought I would feel much more comfortable with being around the Black students on campus because I knew that we shared some commonality, and maybe even the same experiences.

Spartan Remix is the biggest event on MSU’s campus promoting diversity and I felt welcomed the second I got there. There was such a positive energy in the air and all of the people who attended the event were so embracing. At Spartan Remix, something changed in me where I was no longer only comfortable around the people with the same racial background as me, but I was content with being around people that were all different. I would ask other freshman students why they came to this event and I realized that all of our answers were extremely similar. We had all come there for the same purpose, to broaden our perspectives, explore different cultures, and simply meet new people.

It was a place where students could truly embrace their identity and be supported. The Black students would perform a dance onstage, followed by dances by Asian students, and even traditional Native American dances. I was so surprised to see how encouraging and accepting everyone was towards one another. The crowd paid each group the same amount of attention and gave them nothing but respect and positive energy back. Spartan Remix was an amazing experience that every MSU student should take part in. I definitely have to get involved in next year’s planning in hopes that next year’s freshmen will have an even more eye-opening and inspiring time than I did.


Spartan Remix 2014 recap

remix montage

(Photo of the Rock by Meaghan Kozar. Photo of girl painting by Bader Alsubaie. All other photos taken by Simon Dong Ha Lee.)

Thank you to everyone that attended, performed at, and sponsored this year’s Spartan Remix 2014!

We had another outstanding Spartan Remix made possible with the help of many students, staff and sponsors. The photo montage above captures the Music, Art and Culture celebrated at Spartan Remix. (View more photos here taken by Simon Dong Ha Lee)

(View extended video of event put together by Kishawn Gilliam. Kishawn is working on a shorter version that we will post shortly. Please note the final 5 mins. of the video feature the Multicultural Greek Unity Stroll with unedited music lyrics. We will ensure that next year’s music choice is radio-edited.)

MUSIC: Music was celebrated in such performances as the AOTA (All Of The Above) Hip-Hop Academy, a collective of Hip-Hop artists from emcees, break dancers, djs, and graffiti artists helping to educate students and the community on the history, positivity and culture of hip-hop. Linked with music, this year a diversity of dancers took the stage from MSU Breakdance Club, MSU Bhanghra, Bachata dancers (MSU students Cythia Lopez & Edgar Reynoso), Urban Dreams and reFRESH cru. Close to the end of the night we featured our Greek Unity Stroll featuring many of MSU’s multicultural Greek organizations, a hit for the third year in a row. Rounding out the night was an amazing performance by glowstick artist, Evan Stemmer.

The Music diversity continued as we featured a live band (Desmond Jones) bringing an exciting new dimension to this year’s event.


(Photo by Simon Dong Ha Lee.)

* * *

YOUTH: We reached out among generations with several youth dancers including The Kenyan Fresh 2 Death Boys (below on left) and members from the Jackson family traditional pow-wow dancers (below on right).

remix montage youth

* * *

ART: For the fourth year in a row, we brought to MSU’s campus, Graffiti Artist, Freddy Diaz. This year’s MSU Rock, featuring DJ Sparty, was awesome to say the least. In addition, we brought to campus members of the talented and politically conscious hip-hop collective, Raiz Up, featuring Graffiti Artist, Antonio Cosme.

remix montage art

(Top/middle photo of Freddy Diaz painting rock taken by Pa Vang. Other photos taken by Meaghan Kozar.)

* * *

CULTURE: Culture is what makes Spartan Remix so unique. It is an opportunity to bring together a diversity of people in celebration and education of their communities. This cross-cultural festival begins many months before Spartan Remix as planning committee members (representatives from CORES/Council of Racial & Ethnic Students, LBGT Student Orgs., International Student Association, and Campus Interfaith Council along with a general group of students from the MSU community) meet throughout the summer to plan this awesome event. The relationships built among the committee members from diverse backgrounds is priceless and begin by cultivating them through a retreat. This year’s retreat took place at Grand Haven State Park, allowing students a chance to explore the rich beauty of Michigan.

(Photos by Simon Dong Ha Lee)

remix montage committee


* * *

EDUCATION: We had over 100 multicultural student organizations and departments participate in this year’s remix. Students have the opportunity to learn about other communities by participating in interactive booths. (Pictured below: the top photo are representatives from Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students. The middle photo features CRU/Culturas de las Razas Unidas’ booth and their interactive activity known as “papel picado” in which tissue paper is cut into elaborate and decorative designs. The last photo features Chinese American Cross Cultural Experience/CACCE and Live On from Residence Education and Housing Services.)

remix stu.orgs


In an effort to create awareness of the many lives that have been stolen due to hate- racism, homophobia, religious intolerance and transphobia students held up the images of many of these victims while Ralph Paulk, former President of MSU’s Black Poet Society and current MSU Alum, performed a powerful poem entitled “Don’t Shoot!” #OurLivesMatter

(View video here)



(Photo by Meaghan Kozar)

* * *


The Spartan Remix planning Committee along with the Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions would like to thank its amazing sponsors. Noted in the parenthesis are the number of years each organization has supported Spartan Remix.

Council of Racial & Ethnic Students/CORES (7 years)

Residential And Hospitality Services/RHS (7 years)

Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender Resource Center/LBGT (7 years)

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services/VPSA (7 years)

Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives/OIII (7 years)

Bubble Island & Flock Tag (4 years)

Recreational Sports & Fitness Services (3 years)

Residence Halls Association/RHA (2 years)



remix sponsors rhs

remix sponsors bubble


PRIZES & GIVE-A-WAYS: We are very grateful for many local businesses that generously donated gift certificates and prizes.

remix donors

* * *

PUBLICITY: MSU’s State News along with Lansing’s local Channel 6 News ( featured this year’s Spartan Remix.

View article from State News here.

View Video of Spartan Remix featured on WLNS.COM Channel 6 (at the 3:26 mark).


* * *

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STATISTICS & FOLLOW-UP: A new component Facebook offers is the ability to track numbers among people interacting with your event page. This year 28,000 people were reached via the Spartan Remix FB event page. Take a look at the rest of these impressive numbers! In the coming weeks, we will be sending out follow-up questionnaires regarding remix. Be on the lookout!

remix stats


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