Multicultural Center (MCC)

bbbIn January 1999, the Multicultural Center of Michigan State University opened its doors after many years of collective advocacy by the Council of Racial Ethnic Students (CORES). CORES successfully convinced the MSU administration that a Multicultural Center was necessary and critical to the implementation of one of MSU’s guiding principles: “Advance Diversity Within Community.” Since Fall 2013, the Multicultural Center has been renovated and moved to the 2nd Floor of the MSU Union.

Currently, the Center has:

1. SPACE available for student group meetings and programs
2. Four COMPUTERS for general student use, where students can do their homework, write papers, check their e-mail, and surf the web.
3. Small collection of RESOURCE MATERIALS such as videos of racially/ethnically-themed films, books, and publications (magazines, journals).
MCC Booking Space Usage.Guidelines
MCC Booking Space Form
MCC Movie Rental Form
The Center hosts a variety of different programs throughout the school year, from academically-oriented presentations to student group meetings to informal social receptions to which everyone is welcome to attend. The CORES offices (Asian Pacific American Student Organization; Black Student Alliance; Culturas de la Razas Unidas; and North American Indian Student Organization) are also located within the center. Use of the Center’s space can be requested by completing a “Booking Space Form” which is available at the Center or by clicking on the forms link above, and it is suggested that this form be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested date.
The Multicultural Center (MCC)
MSU Union Building, 2nd Floor
East Lansing, MI 48824
(517) 432-7153 / fax: (517) 432-4660
Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs. (9am-11pm), Fri (9am-7pm), Sat. (12noon-6pm), Sun. (12noon-11pm)
[Note: The Multicultural Center is located on the lower level of the MSU Union by the study area.]