1. Who coordinates the MAGIC Program?

MAGIC is one of the many student success initiative programs that is coordinated by the Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions (OCAT). OCAT is part of the Division of Student Affairs & Services

2. How long is the MAGIC Program? 

Due to COVID 19, this traditionally one-week in-person program will be moved to a virtual learning one- week program that will meet August 16-20, 2021 Monday-Friday (9:00am-12:00 Noon and 1:00pm-4:00pm).

3. Do I need to attend the entire week? 

Yes! Students who are accepted into the MAGIC Program must commit to attending all five days due to the comprehensive nature of the experience. 

4. Do I need to attend both the morning session (9:00am-12:00noon) and the afternoon session (1:00pm-4:00pm)?

Yes. All sessions are mandatory.   

5. What Does MAGICCost?  

There is a $50 participation fee to attend the MAGIC 2021 virtual program. If you are unable to pay the $50.00, there is an opportunity to receive a waiver. Please e-mail ocat@msu.edu to learn more about the waiver process.

6. What is the application deadline? 

Applications will be accepted until July 15th.  Don’t wait! We only have 100 spots.

7. What type of electronic devices/supplies will I need for the MAGIC 2021 virtual program?

Because students will be interacting with their peers and guest presenters while navigating MSU’s online learning system (www.d2l.msu.edu) we prefer that students have a working laptop/desktop. Students will not be able to fully engage with this program if they rely only on their phone.

8. What if I do not have access to high speed internet?

Access to high-speed internet will be critical to complete the MAGIC 2021 virtual program successfully.  However, if students do not have access to high-speed internet, we will mail out hard copies of worksheets/documents shared within the program. Please inform the OCAT staff immediately via email (ocat@msu.edu) or call (517) 353-7745 if you do not have access to high-speed internet. Please also review MSU’s “Guide to Remote Access” website to assist students in accessing high-speed internet. 

9. Can Parents Participate?   

Parents are invited to the initial Welcome session that will take place on Monday, August 16th (9:00—10:00AM).  

10. Who can attend MAGIC? 

Any incoming student admitted to MSU for Fall 2021 can attend MAGIC.

11. Will there be any follow-up after MAGIC?

Yes! All MAGIC participants will be invited to participate in all OCAT Student Success Initiatives (SSI) throughout the 2021-2022 academic year. 

12. How can I get more of my questions answered?  

Email OCAT at ocat@msu.edu or visit: www.ocat.msu.edu

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