Rebekah Long (she/her/hers)
ICI Undergraduate Communications Assistant

1. What are you studying at MSU? “I am a premed student majoring in interdisciplinary studies. I plan to attend MSU’s osteopathic school of medicine in 2023.”

2. Share some moments of pride you have experienced along your MSU journey. How can
this inspire MSU students? “Moments of pride I have experienced are the moments I’m able to
connect with peers and faculty. It’s so important to have honest communication about how
university life plays a role in the larger world around us. In the Evan’s Scholarship house, I
advocated for the creation of the diversity and equity chair. This moment made me realize that
it’s possible to do anything with good intention. I also find pride in the opportunity to have
studied abroad in Mexico to engage in different health practices. MSU students can be inspired
because there are so many opportunities waiting for you to grasp. You just have to take it!”

3. Share any challenges you have experienced as an MSU student. What did you learn?
“I experienced the challenge of an overactive ego and by that, I mean that not everything I do is
going to be perfect. It’s important to listen to others more rather than trying to do so much. I
learned the importance of developing a routine of self-care. I have to be able to be in tune with
myself before trying to help others. When I’m in tune with myself I am able to be more genuine
and efficient. I am not a robot. I am a person who needs breaks and reflection to be better.”

4. What will you be doing in your role as the ICI Communications Assistant? “In my role as the
ICI communications assistant, I am building bridges between different student organizations,
faculty, regional organizations, and national organizations to increase DEI efforts. I am also
creating space for marginalized groups to create community and actionable change. It’s
important that I let people know they are not alone with the problems they experience.”

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? “In 5 years, I’ll be 26 so I will probably be traveling
around the country helping those with medical and social issues. I plan to get trained as a yoga
teacher and EMT so I can help people with their spiritual needs as well their physical ailments.”

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