ICI Task Force #4: Inclusive Representation and Retention

ICI Inclusive Representation and Retention Task Force

What We Are Doing:

During our ICI Inclusive Representation and Retention Task Force monthly meetings, the team has turned their attention toward student demands and on-going student concerns within Michigan State University’s (MSU) inclusive representation and retention. Our discussions center on how to support the campus-wide resources offered to MSU community members by:

1. Increasing and centralizing communications
2. Following up on progress
3. Identifying the need for additional resources

Purpose statement: Creating a more inclusive community centered on equitable representation and sustainable retention.

On-going Discussions and Projects:

  1. Restructuring the “Diversity & Inclusion” link on MSU’s website.
  2. Recruitment of staff and faculty of color while supporting the upward mobility of current MSU staff and faculty of color.
  3. Creation of a DEI Awards Program that demonstrates the university’s commitment toward advancing DEI campus-wide.
  4. Increased representation of *”minority representation” within leadership of REHS (i.e., Resident Assistants and full-time staff).

*The words “minority representation” were used in Black Students’ Alliance demand number eight.

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