ICI Task Force #2: Inclusive Physical Environment

What We Are Doing:

During our ICI “Inclusive Physical Environment” Task Force monthly meetings, the team has turned their attention toward student demands and on-going student concerns at Michigan State University (MSU) that fall within the category of an “Inclusive Physical Environment.” Our discussions center on how to strategize around campus-wide resources by:

1. Increasing and centralizing communications.
2. Following up on progress.
3. Identifying the need for additional resources.

Purpose statement: Work toward an inclusive physical campus environment where Spartan community members can move freely and thrive at Michigan State University.

On-going Discussions and Projects:

  1. All Gender Restrooms
    • All Gender Restroom locations across campus have been added to the new SafeMSU app. (Navigation: Open SafeMSU app. Scroll down to the campus maps section. All Gender Restrooms are identified in the app.)
  2. Reflection Rooms
  3. Sharps Containers
  4. Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH)
  5. Security and Surveillance (updates forthcoming)
  6. Residence Halls Cleaning Accreditation (updates forthcoming)
  7. Creating a community standard for creating an inclusive physical environment (updates forthcoming)
  8. Campus Lighting 
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