Ashley Green, PhD

Ashley Green, PhD

Assistant Dean for Administration and Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in International Studies and Programs.

1. What is your current job position and share any other jobs you have held post-undergrad?
I currently serve as Assistant Dean for Administration and Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in International Studies and Programs. In this role, I lead administrative and operational tasks for ISP, provide oversight for MSU’s international partnership process, and direct various visiting scholar programs such as Peace Corps, Fulbright, and the Humphrey Fellowship Program. Additionally, I am tasked with leading Global DEI initiatives to ensure that the global dimension is integrated into campus DEI efforts and activities. In this role, I am chairing the newly established cross-campus Global DEI task force.

Formerly, I was the Director of Scholarships and Fellowships with MSU’s Honors College. I have also served as Program Manager in MSU’s Center for Advanced Study of International Development, as well as, Career Program Manager and Adjunct Career Instructor for the Eli Broad College of Business at MSU. Additionally, I’ve previously volunteered as a student-athlete mentor for the MSU men’s football team all while obtaining my PhD in Education Administration.

2. What years were you at MSU?

I was an undergraduate student at MSU from 2001-2005.

3. What leadership roles/programs were you part of as an MSU student?

I started my MSU journey as a MAGIC program participant the summer before matriculating to MSU. Each summer thereafter, I worked as a peer assistant for the MAGIC program and later I served two years as the Senior Peer Assistant where I supervised the student-peer assistants. During my undergraduate tenure, I was a Resident Assistant and Mentor for the Office of Supportive Services (OSS) where I engaged in peer advising and facilitated programming and other retention initiatives. I was also a math and writing tutor. Additionally, I served as the Vice President of the MSU Gospel Choir and the Leader of the praise dance team.

4. What lessons have you learned?

Throughout the years, I’ve learned how essential mentorship is. It has been a rewarding experience as a mentor and as a mentee. Mentorship provides perspectives when needing to consider various pathways and possibilities. Mentorship contributes cheers when confidence is lacking. Mentorship provides a safe space for confidential conversations. Mentorship helps one see what they can be, and in the seasons where I had no mentorship, I decided to be what I didn’t receive.

Relationships are important and everyone has strengths and skills to contribute. Most times people are trying their best, so grace and gratitude goes a long way. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It really will be OK.

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