Grant Gliniecki (

Grant Gliniecki (he/they)
Coordinator, OCAT Student Success Initiatives
NAISO (North American Indigenous Student Organization) Advisor

Grant Gliniecki is an OCAT Coordinator and Advisor to the North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO). They joined OCAT in June 2022.

Grant received his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Rochester in 2018, recently completed a Master of Science in Community Sustainability at Michigan State, and continue their graduate work through a Community Sustainability Ph.D. this Fall 2022. Their graduate work weaves conventional settler sciences, oral histories, and Anishinaabe sciences to restore sustainable, loving relationships between human beings, Anishinaabewaki // Anishinaabe land, and our more-than-human relatives, especially through urban gardening and gathering.

Grant works to bring a similarly holistic approach to student success initiatives, recognizing that a grounded and connected student is an empowered student. As a queer transgender man and a learning disabled, mentally ill person, Grant likewise centers queer and disabled realities.

In 2019, Grant founded Giitigan, an Anishinaabe Community Garden, at the heart of Nkwejong // Where the rivers meet (Lansing, MI). Grant serves as Giitigan’s President and the Program & Event Coordinator for the Indigenous Graduate Student Collective, among other community roles. Grant lives near Giitigan with two big dogs, seven chickens, and the best next-door neighbor he could ask for (his mom).

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