All Gender Restrooms

Definition: The term all gender restroom communicates that people of all genders are welcome in this restroom. This may include:

  • People of all genders seeking additional privacy (single-user restrooms)
  • People who are comfortable using the restroom with people of all genders.
  • Parents with small children of a different gender
  • Transgender and nonbinary individuals [Read more here.]


  • All Gender Restrooms locations across campus have been added to the new SafeMSU app. (Navigation: Open SafeMSU app. Scroll down to the campus maps section. All Gender Restrooms are identified in the app.)

On-going Task Force Questions:

  • How can we increase communications and awareness of All Gender Restrooms at MSU?
  • Are staff at Engagement Centers and front desks aware of where the nearest All Gender Restroom is?


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