WELCOME MAGIC Participants!!

Welcome MAGIC participants!

We are excited to have you participate in this year’s MAGIC (Maximizing Academic Growth In College) Program for incoming MSU freshmen. Here are a few important notes to help you get ready for the upcoming week…


  1. All MAGIC participants will be housed at MSU’s Snyder Hall (362 Bogue St. East Lansing, MI 48825)
  2. Check-in for MAGIC will take place at Snyder Hall lobby and begins at 1:00PM on the Sunday of the week you are scheduled. (Either Sunday, July 9th or Sunday, July 16th).
  3. We still have available spaces for BOTH weeks. If you are interested in week one, please email ocat@msu.edu or call (517) 353-7745 immediately. However, you must have completed your AOP to attend.
  4. Is your student looking for a job at MSU? MAGIC participants will have an opportunity to have an onsite interview on Friday, the final day of MAGIC (11-3:00PM in Snyder Hall, Room C204) of MAGIC for MSU’s Retail Services, which includes jobs at Sparty’s, Starbucks, Eat at State, Union Food Court, MSU Concessions and Sparty’s Market. Please refer to the attachment for more information. Interested students will sign-up during MAGIC for an onsite interview time.
  5. What will MAGIC participants be doing? Participants will attend a variety of workshops aimed in helping incoming freshmen with their transition to MSU. These workshops include: Making the Most of Diversity for College Success, I Want My Own Room, Making the Grade From A Professor’s Perspective, Neighborhood Engagement Centers, Understanding Math Concepts, Developing & Enhancing the Proper Study Skills, CORE Values/Goal Setting, Academic     Advising, Healthy Choices for Mind & Body, Writing in Academia, Campus Hunt & Tour, Choosing the Right Major, Staying Emotionally Healthy, Financial Aid Packaging, MSU Credit Union and much much more!

 Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here. 

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (517) 353-7745 or email ocat@msu.edu.  After 5:00pm, please call (517) 449-9148 and leave a message. Someone will return your call as soon as possible.

Thank you,

The MAGIC staff!