Latino College Day!

Latino College Day is a yearly community outreach event that my organization (Native American and Hispanic Business Students) hosts. This year we had two high schools come to Michigan State University. Everett High School and Wyoming High School. Everett High School is a local high school and Wyoming High School is from the Grand Rapids area.

This event is a great opportunity for the students to get used to the idea of college and encourage them to attend. We started off with Ice Breakers in order for everyone to get to know each other.

Then, we had three presentations for the students which include; Achieving Social Excellence & Math and Writing Crash Course. The Achieving Social Excellence was about getting the feel about networking with other people and understanding how to make connections your first year of college. With this topic, we also discussed how to get involved on campus. The Math and Writing Crash Course was a prep for the high school students for college. Going into college many don’t understand what to expect on that math placement test for after admissions. We played a bingo game with them about math to make it entertaining for them! We also quizzed them a little on grammatical errors and just gave them an overview on what is expected.

After the presentations, we went on a scavenger hunt around campus to let them get to know the campus a little bit better and to see if it was a right fit for them. They enjoyed it! The groups from the scavenger hunt then all met in The Shaw Vista for lunch. After lunch, we had one last presentation given by an Academic Advisor under Multicultural Business Program, Anne Crain. Anne Crain presented on General College Admissions to let the students know what to expect when applying for college. This presentation was where the students were able to get all their questions and worries about college.

Overall, NAHBS was very happy with the outcome. We had around 60 kids there and we were able to mingle with them and let them grow their network as well. Many students told us that they were glad they attended because it gave them encouragement to apply not only to Michigan State but to college in general.

-Daisy Elisa Garcia-Castro


Major: Business Preference