MAGIC testimonials

What are students saying about MAGIC?

“MAGIC was definitely a challenge but it was one that was well worth it. When I got to school in the fall I felt SO much more prepared than the people around me because I had information about so many resources. I credit that all to this program. Plus I met one of my best friends there, along with many other people who I still talk to now. Overall, it played a large role in enhancing my college experience and preparing me for what was ahead of me – all in one week!!

– Daijah C. Street (MAGIC ’10)

“MAGIC was definitely an experience I definitely will not forget! The things we did throughout that week really got me more prepared for my freshman year of college! All of the seminars and sessions were very beneficial! I also learned my way around campus through MAGIC since we walked just about everywhere! Lol I really had a good time and made some great friends while at MAGIC! I Hope that MAGIC keeps on going strong! One day, I hope to be a MAGIC P.A! Maybe Summer 2013! M.A.G.I.C Alum ’10!!!!”

– Joshua J. Kirkland (MAGIC ’10)

“MAGIC was definitely a wonderful “before-college” experience. The workshops and the motivational speakers helped tremendously because I always refer or look back at what I learned during that one week I attended MAGIC. Everything in MAGIC was a benefit because from the smallest tips to the campus resources is something that will benefit ANY COLLEGE STUDENT.”

– Shelina Kalish (MAGIC ’10)

“I made some great friends from this experience. I met professors that have helped me get into some great programs.”

– Christian Recendez (MAGIC ’10)

“MAGIC was an amazing experience. I was able to meet some very important and outstanding people who continue to have a major impact on campus. I was able to come out of my shell around others and be a part of family that really cares about the success of each other. I loved the different activities and sessions we went to throughout the week such as the math and writing sessions and ET’s session about being successful, the list goes on for days. MAGIC was great!!!

– Orieanna Greathouse (MAGIC ’10)

“MAGIC 2010!!! WeeK 1..this summer program really got me in a college mindset and prepared me for my freshman year . It totally took me out my comfort zone, MAGIC challenged me. After MAGIC I knew I had some things to work on to make sure I was going to be successful at MSU. For example I had to really work on Time management. MAGIC informed me about all the resources on campus but most of all I met a lot of incredible individuals here. I met some of my really great friends in magic who I am still very close with til this day. My roommate from magic has been my roommate going on 2 years now! With out MAGIC i would of not have been challenged,motivated, have networked with awesome people,involved in the cores groups(CRU,BSA,NAISO,APASO) and other organizations. MAGIC is an AWESOME PROGRAM and has influenced my life as a student and as an individual!!

– Kelli Wall (MAGIC ’10)

“M.A.G.I.C 2011. where to start I can defiantly say MAGIC was the best program. Before i went to the program i had no idea how big the campus was. I was a little mad when they had us walk the whole campus, but it came in handy when school started I wasn’t walking around campus looking lost. i already knew where my classes were all because of MAGIC. Of course the motivational speakers such as D. Carter and E. Thomas that’s just to name a couple i still use those words they have shared with us to keep me motivated. Also, can’t forget the students that I’ve met through MAGIC when school started i already had friends. there is a lot of great things to say about magic program. I would defiantly recommend for any freshman to participate in it’s a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES. Loved it!!!!! Thank you MAGIC”

– Netsanet Lessanework (MAGIC ’11)

“M.A.G.I.C 2010 Rocks! This entire week was more than just a program. Activities experienced over one week brought more than just an educational and success foundation. Every single discussion time we’ve had with our Peer Assistants, Faculty members shared a variety of experiences from all different people. M.A.G.I.C did an excellent job promoting diversity and differences on Michigan State campus. Everything I’ve undergone throughout that week facilitated and inspired me to hunger on becoming successful. Thank you for the great experience. We’re a family, our differences is something which makes us stand out here at Michigan State University.”

– Thuan Nguyen (MAGIC ’10)